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More Information

1. How long does it take until I get an answer?

We try to answer your mail quickly, after three days at the latest you should have received an answer! However, if you write to us on a Friday or at the weekend you might not get an answer before Tuesday or Wednesday because we aren’t working at weekend. If you write to us in German, English and Turkish we can answer your mail directly. Inquiries in Albanian, Kurdish or Russian will be translated by an translation agency. That’s why you’ll have to wait a bit longer for an answer. You can rely on the fact that your inquiry will be treated confidentially!

2. I’ve been waiting much longer already and I’m not sure whether you really got my mail!

Actually this shouldn’t happen but sometimes a technical problem could bet he reason and we really didn’t get your mail. In this case it is good and important to send  us your message again!

3. Why do I have to logout?

You must imagine the logout as a kind of closing the door to unauthorized entry. So if you don’t logout you’re still registered and your door would still be open! Another person could then open our online advice again and read our mails (see 6.). The logout button can be found at the top on the left!

4. I’ve forgotten my password, what can I do?

You can get a new password by clicking the button ,Forgot your password?’, however this function only works if you have entered your e-mail address while registering. Otherwise you will have to register again and tell us who has been your counselor so far and what has been the topic. That’s important for us so that we can assign you to the right person.

5. Why do I have to login, why can’t I just write you a normal e-mail?

To make sure that no one else can read your mail it is important to have it sent encoded. By the protected login your mail will be delivered via a protected server; you have your postbox which you can enter with the help of your password only and even we have to login first before we can read your inquiry. Sending a ,normal’ mail is not safe enough – it’s like sending a postcard which can be read by everyone.

6. What can I do to make sure that no one gets to know that I’ve written you a mail?

Maybe you’ve heard already that the internet never forgets? That’s really true if you don’t protect your private sphere sufficiently! For our online advice this means that you might not want your mother, father or brother to know that you’ve been writing us or which websites you’ve been visiting. You can prevent this control by activating the so called ,Private mode’ of your browser. Therefor you must select ,Extras’ in the upper menu of your browser. In Firefox you can then click ,Activate private mode’, in Internet Explorer you’ll have to click ,browse in private'. You can also cover up your tracks later, for this you need to inform yourself through the help programm of your browser.