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Step by Step

is this your first time visiting our online advice?

... then you click the button ,You want to mail us? / You want to register?

  • You now enter the advice area. Here you write what’s on your mind into the box ,Message’. For the subject line you choose a title you like best.
  • To ensure that the advice is encoded and no other person can read your inquiry you will be asked for a password and a username. You can choose any phantasy-name as your username. You will need this username and the password to read the answer. Keep your username and the password safely, so that no other person can login on your account!

Your password must consist of at least 6 signs and it must include letters (a-z, A-Z). You must enter it as one word, this means that it must not include space. Attention: It is important to mind the use of small and capital letters! So if you have chosen just small letters for your password you must always use small letters!

Now there’s a postbox for you on our advice server to which just you and your adviser have access!

Before you can send us a message you will be asked whether you accept the terms of use! Even if reading them seems a bit laborious, you should do that carefully. Here you get important information about the online advice!

  • Now you can send your message to us. You just have to click the button ,Send message’.
  • To cover up all your tracks on the web, so that no one else gets to know that you have contacted us it is important to logout at the end of advice! The logout button can be found at the top on the left!

We try to answer your inquiry within 3 days. In exeptional cases it might take a bit longer, that’s why you should read the terms of use!

  • You can also save your written text as a design first. Sometimes you might not have enough time to finish writing your message because you have got an appointment, because someone interrupts you etc., then your message will be stored in your postbox until you login the next time.

If you want to be informed as soon as we’ve answered your inquiry, you have to enter your e-mail address! However this is optional!

You then will be asked for your age, your home town etc.. This information is optional! We ask the questions to be able to support you well! Sometimes it is good for us and can then help you if we get some information about you like your age or whether you live in a city or in a rural area etc.. On the other hand we can evaluate these data statistically. That would be advantageous because we could then show that many girls contact us becuase they want to get advice and that spezial advice offers for girls and young women are very important.