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What is online advice?

You’d like to talk about your problem, but you don’t get on with your parents and even with your best friend you don’t get along at the moment. There might also be something that you absolutely couldn’t tell anyone so far; however it preoccupies you a lot.

If you feel left alone and you don’t have anyone to talk to about your problems, you can go to a counseling center. However, sometimes even a phonecall might be quite a big hurdle. You don’t dare calling it because you’ve never done that before, because you don’t know exactly what to say and it is difficult for you to talk about all that anyway.

Exactly then it might be helpful for you if you write us! The advantage lies in the fact that you can to get your problems off your chest by just writing about them and you can decide when to write us! By the protected entry to our online advice (SSL-encoding) you can rely on the fact that everything you write us will be treated confidentially and that no one will get to know that and what you’ve been writing.

To ensure that the counseling can take place encoded, you’ll need a password and a username. By this you can login any time and read the answers we’ve sent you. It is important to keep your password secret, you shouldn’t save it automatically and you shouldn’t give it to anyone else!

We try to answer every inquiry within 2 to 3 days. In exeptional situations it might take a bit longer, that’s why you should read the terms of use!

... another important information:

When people don’t see a solution anymore and life seems to be unbearable, they sometimes think about death. They imagine death being better than standing the humiliation, disappointments or conflicts any longer. Actually this is not about ending one’s life but about terminating what one can’t bear anymore.

Maybe you feel the same. Maybe you also think about your life being worthless and that it should stop to overburden you and to be as exhausting. Of course you can write us about that to. We will take you serious and we’ll support you to find out how you can feel better again. Whenever you would want us to help you finding a place where you can get help, we would assist you.

However if you clearly announce that you will commit suicide and that you won’t get involved with any other services that could help you, we have to inform higher authorities (police, etc.)  to your own and our own legal obligated protection. Because of course we want you to stay alive!

The same goes for the fact if you would write us about planning a crazed rampage for example.